“Do Lawyers Really Suck? What People are Thinking about You, and Why it Matters,”

"I’m happy to be here and talk to you about how you all suck,” said Nika Kabiri, Avvo’s director of strategic insights, to a room full of lawyers.  “As far as most people are concerned, lawyers do suck,” Kabiri further noted. “For them, lawyers rank about the same as car salesmen.

Now this is the way to talk to a room full of lawyers.

Of course, Kabiri just said that to get the room's attention.  Here is some of what her research found:

"A big part of why people don’t like lawyers is because the process of hiring one can be highly unpleasant. Kabiri found that two-thirds of consumers are genuinely stressed out about finding the right lawyer, to the point that they don’t want to bother with the pressure of hiring one. As such, she argued, lawyers need to know what customers are looking for and what they want out of the attorney-client relationship.

"According to her research, one-third of all consumers want their attorney to be their savior and do everything for them, while 15 percent want to be in charge and see their lawyers as their employees. That leaves a slight majority of consumers who want to have some kind of collaborative partnership with lawyers."

Interesting stuff.