Before a jury found him not guilty, "Dufort spent nearly five years incarcerated at Rikers Island Prison Complex in New York City awaiting trial."  The Second Circuit writes in a footnote:  "We hope that shockingly long pretrial detentions like this will one soon be a thing of the past.  The recent report of the independent commission that recommended closing Rikers Island gives us reason for optimism."  The report cited by the Second Circuit states:

"Going forward, the idea of community justice must become standard operating practice—investing in New York City neighborhoods damaged by past practice and creating stronger links between criminal justice agencies and the people they exist to serve. Going forward, every decision and interaction— whether on the street, in the courthouse, or behind the walls of our jails—must seek to advance the fundamental values of dignity and respect. And going forward, we must close the jail complex on Rikers Island. Period."